Month: November 2015

The Beeville Bee-Picayune

Bee Pic Bee Pic Bee Pic

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The Beeville Bee-Picayune has been in my family since the 1890s. I still remember many afternoons as a little girl heading here and racing to my grandmother’s office (it was just down the hall from my dad’s). There were also many days after school where my brother, sister and I would have map competitions (pre-competition day photo below). Basically, my dad would shout out a country, city or state and whoever could find it fast enough would win a prize, probably a dime for the gum-ball machine. Maybe this was the beginning of my love of travel?

I don’t get back to Beeville much these days, but I absolutely loved spending time last weekend visiting this building and snapping photographs. The power was off, so I had to use what natural light was available. Also, the ceiling tiles there are phenomenal. Why aren’t buildings designed so intricately these days?

bee pic

Enjoy time with family as the holidays approaches! Anytime I’m home, I absolutely adore looking through my mom’s closet or dad’s office. Who knows what treasures you’ll find?

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Austin: South Congress

south congress south congress south congress South Congress south congresssouth congresssouth congress

South Congress is the quintessential quirky Austin spot (and a favorite of mine if you can avoid the traffic and crowds). A few Sundays ago, my sister and I went exploring. With the cooler weather, it’s the perfect time to head down.

I highly recommend grabbing an old fashioned this season at the South Congress Hotel. Dreamy interior design in there!

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