Hi there!

A few things about me. I love fashion, travel, music and lifestyle photography. If I were to describe a theme for my favorite fashion, it would be modern vintage. I love a good classic look combining past fashion with a contemporary spin. I also love to travel. If I’m grounded too long, a trip will be imminent. The beauty from different cultures and cities rejuvenates me. Through photography, I aim to capture that beauty. My love for music (and travel!) probably started when I was younger on road trips with my dad. Living in both Memphis and Austin leave it nearly impossible not to develop a love for music.

More specifics about me. I’m a triplet and love being back in the same city as my wombmates. Not to mention, a new sister’s been added to the crew plus two adorable nephews. I’ve worked in the nonprofit world for several years and love seeing beauty come out of brokenness.

Here’s to adding to the beauty!

Julia Louise - Signature